How can I get involved?

info icon The draft Strategy is now open for public comment. Please provide your feedback by taking the online questionnaire here.

Get Involved

We want your insights and input

Through all phases of the project (see Process), you have an opportunity to review information, give feedback and provide your ideas. Tell us what your vision for northern Ontario includes.

Draft 2041 Northern Ontario Multimodal Transportation Strategy (July 2017)

Please provide feedback on the Draft 2041 Northern Ontario Multimodal Transportation Strategy by September 15, 2017.

You can provide your feedback in a number of ways:

Regional Outreach Sessions

A process for outreach with Indigenous peoples and communities is ongoing. The process has built-in flexibility and is based on information gathering and sharing. Sessions are at timely points throughout the project—in fall 2015, fall 2016 and around the release of the draft Strategy in summer 2017—and are held throughout northern Ontario.

Learn and be informed

There are many transportation plans and policies already in place in northern Ontario. Links to examples of these are on the Resources page.



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